Saturday, June 30, 2007


The documentary Al-Arabia couldn't show:

Part 1


PH said...

Thanks for sharing seems like an interesting video.


duniazad said...

well it's another reason to despise the channel i love to hate. They just have no principles whatsoever.

PH said...

I hate it as well, but in their defense :p the movie does have some bias to it. The Distinction between Arabs and Africans is not completely true and there are other things at play here like the Chadian rebels being in Sudan and Sudanese rebels in Chad .... thats not even mentioning the Oil and Uranium ... the conflict can't be put into simplistic terms, at least I don't think so, have you read this article ?

duniazad said...

i couldn't agree more as to the simplification of Darfur in the media, but in this case i think the testimony to the horrors outweighed anything else.

Besides they make the documentary, policy shifts and they can no longer show the documentary...i mean bias is what u expect with al-alrabiya, but the 180 degree twirls they keep doing to keep in line with the so called 'arab quartet' are just getting ridiculous. i ranting? don't answer that question!

PH said...

loooooooooooool .... but I agree .. to tell you the truth I don't watch it at all, that may be why I didn't hear about the documentary